Самый высокий костер / Всё самое интересное (интересное, познавательное,) :: костер :: разное

разное костер ...Всё самое интересное 

Самый высокий костер

■iVi'/íi 7?; Vi ***//•-,Всё самое интересное,интересное, познавательное,,разное,костер

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The Biggest Bonfire In The World / World Record / Aalesund In Norway,Travel,,To see the biggest bonfire in the world, you have to visit the town of Aalesund in Norway. Here on an artificial island wooden pallets stacked pyramid, whose height reaches 40 meters. What is the reason to have such a huge erection of fire? The fact that on June 24 in the Scandinavian countries and other parts of Europe celebrated the annual festival in honor of the birth of John the Baptist, which is called "Sankthans" or "Midsummer." One by one wooden pallets stacked higher and higher. In 2010, a record was set for the construction on the tallest bonfire at 40.45 meters. The previous record was 37.84 meters and was laden with in 1993. About 30-40 people participated in the construction of wooden pallets. And one of the brave must climb to the top of the tower and built a fire to burn on top. If the fire does not burn from the top down - all could end badly.
Всё самое интересное,интересное, познавательное,,разное,костер
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Я не буду задавать вопросов, всё очевидно:
Столько бомжей оставили без крова... Что ж они за люди-то такие, эти сатанисты...
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